Sunday, August 15, 2010

Running with a New Purpose

After my father's passing, I returned home feeling ambigous about my future and what the next steps would be. My world had been demolished and I didn't know how to put the pieces back together. I soon discovered that nothing can adequately prepare you for such an enormous loss. There are no words that can be spoken, gestures that can be shared, or gifts that can be given that can rectify the feelings of anger, sadness and despair that you experience from losing a loved one. Nonetheless, I immediately returned to work and back to my "normal" life, hoping to find some solace, anticipating that a return to normalcy would help ease the pain. It would be months before I would learn that nothing would fill that void that had been etched in my heart and soul.

After many sleepless nights and endless days, I slowly began to find refuge in both writing and running. They both served as opportunities for self-analysis, discovery, and reflection. As I attempted to find acceptance and peace, I was determined that my father's passing would not be in vain. I have always been a firm believer that each experience in life can bring valuable lessons. This time would be no different. It is through this pain and loss, I realized just how fragile and temporary our lives can be. I was reminded to never take anything or anyone for granted and to truly seize each moment. I rediscovered the significance of love, understanding, compassion, and giving to others. Beyond that, I recognized the strength and depth of my love for my father. I wanted him to know that he would not be forgotten, his life and legacy would live on.

So, I decided that running would be my avenue for commemorating the most important man in my life. I had run several races before simply out of pleasure, but never for any true purpose. I decided that my running would have new meaning. I would run for my father and for all those who could not run. I would run to make a difference.

Shortly after his passing, I decided to look for races that supported Prostate Cancer, the disease that took my father's life. I thought it would be the perfect way to honor and remember his life while also raising money for a personal and valuable cause. So after a few days of searching, I found the Run for the Ribbon Prostate Cancer Event which included a 5k race. This event was held on Father's Day and raised money to support Prostate Cancer awareness, education, treatment, and research opportunities. It was absolutely perfect. I would spend my first Father's Day without my Daddy running a race in his honor. I immediately registered for the race and began collecting donations....


  1. Dalila, I didn't know your Dad but this I know for sure...he is so proud of you. What a wonderful way to honor your Daddy.

  2. Thanks, Myssie. It is amazing how life can transform you.